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Commercial Photography – How To Introduce Your Product Appealing

Commercial Photography is an important type of photography. You can market your product using commercial photography. Because it can help you to make your product attractive. When your product matches the customer’s choice, they want to get it. This helps to mark products and services. A picture expresses more than a thousand-word lecture. Commercial Photography Boosts Product Sales Commercial Photography…

Caught in the Eyes of the Camera

I recently received an interesting question in a photography email group I subscribed to, and felt compelled to share it with my fellow Notebook readers.Read basically like this:? I am interested in knowing what purpose all of you feel photography serves. In other words, what place in your heart fills photography? A rather simple question at first glance – or…

Portrait Photography – Skin, Love It Or Leave It Behind?

When shooting portrait photography, the issue of how much skin should or should not be displayed still rages. The debate is largely due to fashion photography. Keep reading and find out why … Today’s photo tip is all about including skin in your portrait photography. In fact, since portrait photography generally involves the area from the chest and upwards, the…